Our Technical Systems


Operating:       PC Network; Windows 10

Office:              Microsoft Office 365 – 2016

Database:        Outlook 2016

Financial:        QuickBooks Pro 2015, Quickbooks Online

Publishing:      Adobe Creative Suites:  InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks

Web:                 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Live Motion

Adobe Acrobat

RSS establishes automated systems whenever possible to effectively utilize personnel skills, reduce steps, eliminate the need for outsourcing, and free up our people to do what we do best – provide personal service to our members.


Websites are custom designed and maintained by RSS.  Association websites reflect the needs of their professional membership, both public and private sector, to effectively serve wide variations in technology, experience and security requirements.  We design all sites to be

  • Attractive
  • Responsive
  • Intuitive
  • Simple
  • Consistent

1) Attractive: We regularly upgrade the layout and update the content to offer a fresh version of the site.  During the conference marketing season, we frequently highlight speakers and utilize photos of the destination on the front page to hype interest.  Post-conference we include event photo sharing.

2) Responsive:  Sites are continuously redesigned to serve the ever-increasing information needs of our membership.  And our online payment modules offers standalone payment processing and a seamless online payment database, yet with the ability to customize this add-on area and create one customized web look.

3) Intuitive: Members have the opportunity to update their own profiles, and all transactions are tracked to the member’s account for cumulative reporting any time.  Upon login Members may access any number of restricted areas of the website, members only discussion areas, and special pricing for registrations and training.

2) Simple:  Complicated, non-universal tech designs have been replaced with easy HTML language and mobile templates for fast, simple accessibility on any device.  Sites are updated using the newest software, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.  Payment forms are updated through the dedicated online portal.

3) Consistent: Visual design within the site is consistent to maintain your Association’s brand.  Page designs are kept simple for ease of viewing, menus are set up to provide the greatest ease of navigation.