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Supporter vs Believer

Believers vs Supporters Buzz


(Three hints to really benefiting from this question.)

1-Don’t Marco Rubio this with some memorized soundbite. Fast and furious only works well in the theaters.  Shortcuts are seldom sustainable.

2-This question is for you although the people will be different. Personalize this question by replacing people with employees, members, customers, friends or families.

3-If you are a member of a board, committee or team ask each member to submit their definitions. Disconnects lead to discontent.

Understanding the gap between “Supporters” and “Believers”
 is the difference between being organized and energized

Mini-Study One “Feel the Bern”

Bernie_SandersBehind his Larry David-Esque audacity is a man on a mission.  Who would have thought this woolly haired wildly gesticulating portent of the people would have a 54% to 40% advantage over Hillary Clinton right now?  Take politics out of the exercise and just ask yourself:

1-Does your (fill in the blank) inspire this kind of impassioned support?

2-Are your beliefs so deeply embedded that they reflect in every decision you make?

3-Are you part of a movement or managing a mantra?

The Bernie Sanders movement is a disruptive innovation.  His refusal to stop using Democratic Socialism is a testament to his tenacity.  He is not interested in being the center of attention but a beacon for reinvention.  He believes people are smart enough not to confuse “Mau Tse Socialism” with the platform behind some of the happiest countries in the world, 8-Sweden, 4-Norway and 6-Finland.

Mini-Study Two “Powered by Patty

Patty MorganLet me start by saying I may be a little bit biased but ANYONE who has experienced WHO SHE IS will attest to her uplifting energy.  Tangibles are essential but it is the intangibles that inspire allegiance.

1-Do you know all your (fill in the blank) just by hearing their voice on the phone?

2-Do you create a following of volunteers who will fight for the opportunity just to be by your side?

3-Are you so secure in WHY you do what you do that no obstacle, opportunity or individual changes who you are?

People often ask me; “How did Patty increase membership by 250% in just ten months.  I tell them, that’s the wrong question.  The right question is not how but why.  She didn’t do it because she was expected to, required to or even allowed to.  She did it because she couldn’t not do it.

Like Bernie, Patty marches to her own drummer.  They march to a rhythm that inspires people to be a part of something special.  That something special is not a promise, product, or service but a mission. A relationship they can trust to be true.  It is a confidence that creates cultures.

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why describes this drive as being powered by purpose.  It is a drive that once deeply embedded in a community is the foundation of every decision.  Command and control are replaced engaged and accountable.

Supporters Sign Checks. Believers Build Futures.

About the Author:

ppp smallRandy Morgan CSP CPC is a keynote educational humorist and author of Peer Powered Performance combining the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and business to share “Life Lessons Through the Lens of Laughter